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Antique Folk Art Paint Decorated Wine Festival Celebration Cask Keg Barrel (NBA-736)

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DESCRIPTION When you think of German festivals the first one that comes to mind is Octoberfest Beer festival.  However Octoberfest only dates back to 1810 and German wine festivals have been celebrated as far back as 1417.   Most German wine making communities would hold their annual festivals in late September to mid October after the grapes had been harvested.  As you can imagine they would be festively dressed and decorate everything with a wine theme including wine kegs or barrels.   The festival would begin by the mayor or another important civic leader by reading a thankful blessing for the good harvest.   We are pleased to offer this Antique Paint Decorated Coopered Wooden Staves with Wrought Iron Bands Wine Celebration Cask or Keg from Germany circa late 1700s for your consideration.  The Antique Celebration Cask was hand coopered of wooden stave sides with three board front and back construction.   The wooden stave sides are secured to the front and back by 2 wrought iron bands.   The wooden stave sides are decorated with original red paint.  However the icing on the cake is the paint decorated scenes on the front and the back of the wine cask.  The top of the Antique Celebration Wine Cask is a scene of the mayor or civic leader dressed in his best official regalia reading the blessing that begins the wine festival while a festival patron is raising a glass in celebration.   The scene is embellished with houses, trees, the happy harvest moon smiling down over the celebration and even the mayor’s loyal dog wagging his tail.  On the back of the cask is a wreath of vine, leaves and grapes, that encircles the in initials G.M.S.   This was a presentation gifted wine cask to the mayor or civic leader of the celebration.  The Antique Celebration Wine Cask was designed to hold several liters of wine and was made to honor the mayor or civic leader.  There is slight loss to the end of one the side wooden staves (as shown in the photos) and the wine cask has age appropriate patina and wear.  There is a hole, which would have held a cork stopper or wooden wine tap for filling glasses on the wooden staves.  

MEASUREMENTS:  16 Inches Wide, 8 Inches High, & 48 Inches Round in Circumference